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All Sessions are Free! First in, best dressed!
Below are the 2023 Sessions as an example

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Entech Education Theatres

The schedule remains the same for every city


11.30 Lighting Data Distribution Systems over IP and RF

Presenter: Thomas Howard

Learn RF fundamentals and system design for lighting productions. Incorporate and utilise the features of data distribution products in your show system. Focused on NETRON and LumenRadio systems.

12.30 Venue Technology Q&A - people, gear, safety - it’s your responsibility!

Presenter: Peter Grisard and Tim Pike

In this business, we must constantly remind ourselves that we suspend, lift and move significant gear over performers and audiences, making the issue of fit-for-purpose - gear and people - paramount.

1.30 Astera Control Tips & Tricks

Presenter: Thomas Howard

Astera Control at your fingertips. Speed up your prep time, monitor fixture health, and dive deeper into app programming, CRMX, and Astera.

2.30 SPL or Dosage : Metering, Logging and Analysis

Presenter: Ben Clarke, Rational Acoustics SMAART Instructor

A brief primer of what SPL actually is, how the international industry is moving to a human dosage based metric instead of SPL, then a work-through of calibrating your SMAART SPL setups ( and the similar SPL functions in SMAART SUITE ). We will be conducting a laboratory experiment and examples of how good metering can assist your workflows and client understanding. All attendees of the session will qualify for 15% off SMAART SPL and / or SMAART SUITE perpetual licensees.

3.30 What's holding up your production? Implementing new rigging standards & safety measures

Presenter: Adam Beaumont

Join Adam from Germany's ChainMaster to talk world's best practice in rigging, ahead of much stricter legislation that we will all soon find oursleves working under.


11.45 Lake Controller Software Overview

Presenter: Nik Buchanan

With the recent release of Lake Controller V8, we delve into a host of new features and uncover a whole new workflow that make this industry standard loudspeaker management tool even more powerful.

12.45 Showtec LAMPY Lighting Console: A quick introduction

Presenter: Michael Boss

Join us to learn about the intuitive operation and ease-of-use of the Showtec LAMPY lighting controllers. These consoles are perfectly suited for designing and controlling a light show for small to medium sized set ups. Michael will introduce you to the console layout and features, programming functions, and basic show file management.

1.45 Flexible Workspaces

Presenter: Various

Organisations are trying to rethink how they operate,find productivity gains and improv efficiencies, all while providing their their employees with a fulfilling and rewarding environment. In this session, you will learn how the Neat Board, Neat Board 50 and the Neat Frame are transforming the way people work together, enhancing collaboration experiences and improving the lives of the people they serve.  

2.45 Lake Controller Software Overview

Presenter: Nik Buchanan

With the recent release of Lake Controller V8, we delve into a host of new features and uncover a whole new workflow that make this industry standard loudspeaker management tool even more powerful. 

3.45 A&H Mix Master Class - Short Form

Presenter: Andrew Crawford + Guests

Come and get some tips and tricks on mixing on Allen & Heath digital platforms with Andrew 'The MixWizard' Crawford and special guests, all jammed into a 45 minute time slot! 


11.30 AVB vs. Dante: Which One Is Right For You?

Presenter: Travis Taylor

This talk is poised to shed light on one of the most debated topics in the audio industry. The CMI Audio Solutions team will present expert insights into the subject, discussing networking solutions and its different applications.

12.30 How Good Wireless System Architecture Saves Time and Trouble

Presenter: Peter Twartz

Peter Twartz from Profiles RF Management has been designing, running and managing complex wireless audio systems for nearly 30 years. In that time, he has come across many issues that have been blamed on frequency clashes but are in fact caused by how the equipment is set up or bad practices. Peter will illustrate some of these issues, covering fundamentals including when to use wireless and when to use copper, antenna placement, and systematic fault finding.

1.30 Pliant Technologies – MicroCom XR: simple, affordable professional wireless intercom

Presenter: Anthony Murdoch and Brad Kivela

Anthony Murdoch and Brad Kivela from NAS take a look at Pliants MicroCom XR wireless comms, including the latest all in one headsets.  Pliant Technologies wireless systems offer rental companies and small to medium venues reliable, professional intercom solutions that don’t cost a fortune. Join us to see and hear why many customers now enjoy reliability with Pliant intercom systems.

2.30 An Introduction to FreqCoord – Your Complete Frequency Management Tool

Presenter: Peter Twartz

An introduction to the powerful cloud-based frequency management tool, FreqCoord. FreqCoord has been used extensively in Europe and Australia for many major events that have multiple RF users. Peter will explain how to set up a venue or event in FreqCoord, how FreqCoord can be used not only to calculate and manage frequencies but handle all communication with your users, the differences between FreqCoord, Wireless Workbench and WSM, and when it is appropriate to use which tool.

3.30 Soundwaves in Time: A Journey from Mono to Multidimensional

Presenter: Travis Taylor

As the audio landscape continues to evolve, from the humble beginnings of mono sound to the immersive realms of multidimensional audio, this workshop will celebrate the rich history and embrace the cutting-edge advancements in the world of sound. Join us and experience the latest developments in immersive audio, with an interactive demonstration of the newest technologies in the field.

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