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ENTECH AU 2023 Exhibition Space Sold Out

The touring trade show for the AV industry. 

10 - 24 October 2023

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Explore the Post-Converged AV World

and beat the queue!
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Reach more specifiers & buyers.

ENTECH Roadshow is the only trade show for AV and entertainment technology professionals that visits every major population centre in Australia, opening up access to more business opportunities than any other event. ENTECH will visit Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth in October 2023, bringing a fresh perspective on the industry as a whole to every local market.


As confirmed by 2023’s ISE exhibition in Barcelona, our industry has now entered a phase we’re calling ‘post-converged’. The worlds of unified communications, IT, AV, lighting, video, audio, signage, staging, and control have gone past the transition period of becoming networked and controlled by software and entered a new phase where new business models, products, and markets are emerging.


Manufacturers that were once focussed on one aspect of live performance or recording are now creating products for corporate meeting rooms. Companies that were creating platforms for digital signage are now offering room control and corporate communications. Lighting companies that power huge stadium gigs are creating networked architectural products, as are their audio counterparts. And at the centre of all this, the customer, be they installer, production firm, or consultant, is now part IT manager and concerned with the integration of systems as a whole.

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11am - 6pm


Hordern Pavilion

October 10


This is a close black and white shot of the AKG c451 B on a mount in an overhead position.

11am - 6pm


Town Square Pavilion Showgrounds

October 12


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11am - 6pm


Exhibition Building

October 16


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11am - 6pm


Ridley Centre

October 19


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FREIGHT to/from Sydney
DELIVERED to your stand
POWER on your stand
CAR PARKING for you and our trade HEADPHONE theatre sessions*
LIGHT LUNCH for working staff
And much more.  

*Subject to availability

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11am - 6pm


Silver Jubilee Pavilion
Claremont Showground

October 24


Entech Established 1993

Moving with industry trends and identifying new opportunities as technologies rapidly change

Roadshow Made Easy

All Exhibitor freight and infrastructure carried in our trucks, you just walk in and set up.

Expanding Tech Talks

Our headphone 'tech talks' keep trade on the floor where they hear your demo or seminar perfectly.

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Who is our audience?


The majority of our attendees identify as working in AV, in all its forms. This includes corporate communications, AV consultancies and integration, venue and conferencing AV, and specialist applications including content creation. Our next largest demographic is those that identify as generalists across the AV spectrum, including skills in Audio, Lighting, and Staging.

15% of attendees at ENTECH have an annual spending power of over $500K, with a further 15% spending $100K-$499K, ensuring high-quality conversations on the show floor.

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"Since 2012 we have delivered roadshows nationally covering almost 500,000 kilometres. Nothing is too difficult for our exhibitor customers or our valued trade guests."

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ENTECH, proud of its origin in live production and touring, acknowledges that this integrated environment is now daily reality in every industry professional’s work. As such, they seek to reflect the needs of the industry, and present real-world products and solutions for real-world projects and workflows.

In 2023, October’s Roadshow will reflect this in a diverse exhibitor and attendee presence that holds up a mirror to the industry as it now defines itself. Expect to see LED and video applications for everything from small meeting rooms to large sporting events, conferencing solutions for every type of organisation, lighting and audio for both staging and institutional installs, integrated software and control solutions, and every type of connecting technology.

If you are interested in exhibiting at ENTECH 2023, please email the show organisers at

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