Terms and Conditions of Exhibiting


1.The agreement is subject to the laws of Australia (ENTECH March 2022) or NZ (ENTECH August 2022. The promoter for ENTECH March is Kate & Julius Pty Ltd, ABN 84 635 215 913, and the promoter for ENTECH August is CX Network NZ Ltd.

2. The Exhibitor will exhibit in the Roadshow in all cities where the 3 city Roadshow is scheduled to take place.



3. Exhibitors may select from 3 exhibition space options for participation in the Roadshow;
(a) 3m x 3m with freight included of 3 cubic metres or 750kg (whichever the greater).
(b) 3m x 6m with freight included of 6 cubic metres or 1500kg (whichever the greater).

(c) 3m x 9m with freight included of 9 cubic metres or 2250kg (whichever the greater).



4. Cartage of Exhibitors equipment is included within cost, according to the exhibition space option selected. All Exhibitors equipment will be toured either loose packed (if cases on wheels) or on pallets. All items must be clearly marked with Exhibitors trading name. All items must be securely packed by Exhibitors at each venue at conclusion of event, and be made ready for our loaders. Pallets must be plastic wrapped by exhibitors or we charge $50 each day each pallet for this. Pallet cages preferred. 


5. Promoter accepts no liability for any loss or damage however caused to any Exhibitors equipment during roadshow including trucking loading, all cartage, installation, exhibition, dismantling and reloading. Exhibitors must have own insurance to cover Exhibitors equipment and Exhibitors staff.


6. Exhibitors equipment must be delivered to our transport contractor (Sydney AU or Auckland NZ) prior to the nominated commencement of the Roadshow. Exhibitors equipment will be made available for collection from our contractor depot upon return to origin. With prior written notice, Exhibitors equipment may be collected at last venue on Roadshow schedule on final day by 8.30pm. Any additional forwarding costs will be borne by Exhibitors and are payable on demand. If carton or case storage at each venue is required, Exhibitors must have staff on hand to unpack freight at 8.30am each show day morning; and stored items must be made available to loaders no later than 9.45am for return to truck. Loaders cannot pack cases or cartons. Loaders and organisers cannot supply packaging, tape or straps.


7. If Exhibitors equipment will exceed freight calculations as per space option selected, excess freight charges will apply. Any such excess must be notified by the Exhibitors to the promoter in writing no less than one week prior to first scheduled Roadshow event. Excess is charged by the cubic metre or by the kilogram if excess. If freight is over both cubic booking and weight, Promoter will charge excess cost based on weight or cubic measurement in its discretion.



8. Exhibitors can sell stock from their exhibition space provided stock remains wholly within the exhibition space and is carried within Conditions of Freight Transit (above).


9. As an alternative Exhibitors can purchase additional stock freight which is carried and made available at back of exhibition hall in a stock area.


10. Each stock freight unit is supplied by the exhibitor. Prices for 2022: Retail cage $580 each. 850mm wide x 750mm deep x 1,850 tall and open-topped with one cross bar. Stock can be stacked to 2.2m (sitting  above the top of the cage) so long as it is strapped down and secure. There is a 400kg weight limit per cage. Pallets: $980 (up to 2.2m high) each. Two stock cage pallets stacked are priced as one pallet. No quantity limits.


11. Exhibitors must lock and secure each cage as we do not supply supervision. Open pallets at exhibitor risk.




12. Displays of Exhibitors equipment must be set up in a safe and reasonable fashion in consultation where necessary with our production manager. Our production manager, whose decision is final, will ultimately adjudicate all on-site decisions regarding location and display setup. No audio replay or video demonstrations are permitted within the trade show area, other than low-level video dialogue.


13. Exhibitors can only show or promote equipment that is officially distributed by them as recognized by the manufacturer. The showing or promotion of ‘grey’ or parallel imported equipment is not permitted.



14. Exhibitors must arrange and pay own staff transport and accommodation.


15. Mains power is limited to 2 x 10 amp circuits per full place, or 1 x 10 amp circuit 
per half place. Extra power costs $200 per 10 amps per venue. Extra power may not

be available at all venues.



16. No flown or rigged elements can be allowed.



17.Venue rules and rental conditions, and state and city laws apply to all Exhibitors. Every exhibitor must comply with venue, city and state regulations and practices.



18. Venue and date may be changed if circumstances arise beyond the control of promoter. Any replacement venue will be of a similar standard. Promoter accepts no liability for any costs or losses incurred by Exhibitors if there is a change

in venue.



19. Cancellation by Exhibitor 30 days or more from first show date is allowed with full refund. Cancellation less than 30 days from first show date will result in no refund of any moneys paid.



20. Full refunds will be made within 30 days of any event cancellation, pro-rata. Example, a 3 city roadshow with one city cancelled produces a 33.33% refund or one third.



21. Changes to these Conditions of Participation may be made by the Promoter at any time, subject to 14 days notice in writing.



22. Two-thirds or 66.66% of the exhibition space cost must be paid in full 30 days prior to Roadshow date. Failure to pay will result in cancellation of space allocation. Any balance due including the final one-third of the exhibition space cost must be paid before return of exhibitor equipment which will be held until payment received. Any credit

note amount is deducted from final city payment. If any city is cancelled, credit note

cannot be used in 2022 and amount is rolled over to a future year.