Join us on the ultimate touring tradeshow for audio, video, lighting and staging professionals across the AV, installed, touring, commercial, theatres, public spaces and venue market.

•  One day in each major capital city
•  Unbeatable return on investment
•  Size limited spaces make setup easy
•  Exhibitors are in and out in just one day
•  Schedule allows client visits in each city
•  Showing on Tuesdays and Thursdays over 3 weeks
•  Home for the weekend every week

In 2020 we introduce Training and Demo’s on the floor.

Now ENTECH runs all day, with our new super slick AV HOUR of POWER previewing new technologies in a fast session presented by major product specialists from 10am, until the show opens at 11.
From 11 am, we’ll show what’s new and what matters, with short presentations and practical demonstrations in our Floor Theatre.

ENTECH has even more exhibitors in 2020, covering audio, video, lighting and staging with extra emphasis on AV and ICT integration.
Also new in 2020 is our VINTAGE PA DEMO '1980 - v - 2020. 40 years later, who has the fattest sound of all?'

We continue our new innovations:
•  ENTECH CAFÉ with free barista coffee and hot beverages all day

•  ENTECH Pocketbook with free full page advert for all exhibitors

•  ENTECH TV showing all exhibitors on multi screens


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