We’re going to find out, on the trading floor at ENTECH 2022!


For decades we’ve periodically surveyed attending trade, who trust sharing de-identified information with us. Now we will share with you, the things they won’t tell YOU. And for 2022 we are doing this as a BETA trial at no extra cost for exhibitors.


Directly after each show in each city, we’ll email attending trade an interactive survey, asking them things YOU need to know about YOU. How did they interact with you at the show? How do they normally interact with you? What did they do? Buy? Not buy? Like? Dislike? Plan to do? Want you to do? Want you to sell them?


Rate your team, find problems, adjust attitudes. Clear hurdles, unlock your market, fix little things before they hurt you.


You can ask your customers, you can do surveys. But they are very likely to respond more honestly to ENTECH, because they trust us and because they are still on a post-show buzz when surveyed. Without this you are operating on gut instincts - and these analytics can validate or shape how you manage in the critical rebuild and recovery years we all face.

What do your customers REALLY think about you?